Pro-Focus Red Chain Grease is a specially formulated chain grease, with no melting point, to lubricate and protect chains and sprockets for a long time and extend the life of the parts to be lubricated. By applying Pro-Focus Red Chain Grease, O-, X-, and W-ring chains and sprockets are optimally lubricated and protected.

  • Superior lubrication and good anti-wear properties.
  • Non-melting grease with a very high pour point (>350°C).
  • Excellent adhesion and corrosion protection.
  • Water resistant and great resistance to fling.
  • Reduces friction and extends the life of chains and sprockets.

User instructions

Remove dirt and grease from the chain. Allow the chain to evaporate for 10 minutes to allow volatile parts of the applied cleaner to evaporate. Apply Red Chain Grease to the chain with a brush. Apply the grease evenly on the inside of the chain, ± 10 cm in front of the rear sprocket. Rotate the rear wheel to distribute the grease over the chain and massage it between the chain rollers and sprockets. Regular lubrication extends the life of the chain and sprockets. Note: Too much grease will be thrown off and will not provide good protection.

Articlenumber: 10018

Pro-Focus Red Chain Grease 300 gr.
EAN: 8719324457088


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