Pro-Focus Belt Conditioner is a preventive maintenance product that restores maximum traction. By applying Pro-Focus Belt Conditioner, slipping and noise are prevented and extended.

  • Improves the grip and traction of V-belts and belts.
  • Prevents slip by dust, moisture, heat and cold.
  • Maximum pulling power due to anti-slip.
  • Eliminates noise and increases efficiency.
  • Conditions, prevents curing and extends life.
  • Suitable for all rubber strings and straps.

User instructions

For good distribution, apply a thin layer to a stationary or slowly rotating belt, especially on the active inner side. Avoid excess product. Allow the product to evaporate for a few minutes before the belt is loaded.

Articlenumber: 10010
Description: Pro-Focus Belt Conditioner
EAN: 8719324457002


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