Pro-Focus PTFE Dry Lube is a high-quality dry lubricant for the lubrication of plastic and rubber parts and for a light form of lubrication in places where oil is undesirable. Pro-Focus PTFE Dry Lube can be used on parts made of leather, plastics and elastomers (technical rubber) such as gaskets, sprockets, chains, bearings and sleeves.

  • Provides a dry PTFE coating (up to 300°C).
  • Extremely low coefficient of friction.
  • Excellent for use as seat belt spray.
  • Provides a non-sticky lubricating film.
  • Adheres to a wide range of materials.
  • Prevents accumulation of dust and dirt.
  • Superior lubrication of plastics.
  • Good resistance to chemical attack and solvents.

User instructions

Shake before use. Preferably use at room temperature. When applying, the parts to be lubricated or treated must be dry. Avoid excessive application of the product. Allow the product to evaporate before loading the lubricating film.

Articlenumber: 10014
Description: Pro-Focus PFTE Dry Lube
EAN: 8719324457040


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